Constant research, development of new materials and the manufacture of unique products allow us to anticipate customer desires and create the future of the market.

Over the 25 years of the existence of COLLAR Company, we have gone from making products by several craftsmen at home to creating a modern production with a worldwide reputation and a team of more than 500 people.


COLLAR Products

The COLLAR Company is a family-owned business and its history started from the first collar which was made by Yuriy Sinitsa and his father from the army belt for his dog.

The first manufacture was located in a two-room flat. Since 1995 The COLLAR Company has grown into an international company with a team of 500+ employees and with a presence in 78 countries.

Yuriy Sinitsa the younger is the owner of the company. His younger brother is responsible for managing operations. Nikolai made his way from a designer to CEO over the last 15 years.

Their father Yuriy Sinitsa is a director of Logistics and Quality and a head of Supercat wood filler Production.

Sinitsa family has a high level of mutual trust and a common goal – to make more happy pets and their parents. These principles helps them to develop a successful international company during the last 26 years.

Collars manufacturing process

Our history

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1995 year

Collar production

Start of production of leather collar TM COLLAR.

2003 year

New on the market

Launch of SuperCat wooden cat litter.

2007 year

First million

The first millionth collar ТМ COLLAR was released.

2008 year

International arena

For the first time, the company participates in the Interzoo 2008 exhibition (Germany).

2011 year


The premiere of a unique dog fitness tool.

2011 year

New brand of the company

Premiere of innovative aquarium LED lamps AquaLighter.

2011 year

Worldwide success

Premiere of the world’s smallest and quietest aPUMP aquarium compressors.

2012 year

Sports with dogs

Presentation of DogPuller – a new sport for dogs with PULLER fitness tool.

2016 year

Pet Business Award

TM AiryVest was named “Best Product 2016” in the USA *. * according to the authoritative zoo publication Pet Business.

2017 year

COLLAR Innovations

The Flyber, the world’s first reversible flying disc for dogs, premiered.

2018 year

First Dog Puller World Championship

70 sports couples from 7 countries of the world took part in the championship in Prague.

2019 year


The owner of the COLLAR Company received the Pet ICON Awards.

2019 year

Partnership with NASA

Release of pet accessories with designs approved by the space agency.

2020 year

Partnership with Warner Bros

Release of a licensed series of products featuring DC Comics characters.

2021 year

Product of the Year

Round retractable leash WAUDOG won the international competition from PET worldwide – Products of the Year 2020 | 2021

Collars manufacturing process
Collars manufacturing process

COLLAR Company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of innovative pet products.

COLLAR Company have been manufacturing and selling pet products for over 25 years. Our mission is to make pet owners and pets happy.

A key development factor is the ability to purchase our products anywhere in the world as soon as possible.
Experts highly appreciate our products at international exhibitions Interzoo (Germany), Zoomark (Italy), GPE (USA), and many others. We have won the love and trust of pet owners in over 70 countries worldwide.

We are manufacture 13 world-famous brands of pet products, including WAUDOG, PULLER, LIKER, SuperCat, aPUMP, and AquaLighter. Furthermore, we won many competitions and became prize-winners of exhibitions, market leaders in creating new, high-quality, interesting products for pets. And we regularly confirm our status:

  • Round roulette WAUDOG — a victory in the international competition PET worldwide — Products of the Year 2020|2021
  • victory in the Family Business Awards competition in the category “Best Medium Family Business” 2020 (Ukraine)
  • Pet ICON Awards (USA) 2019
  • LIKER — the best toy for dogs in the Top For Dog competition (Poland) 2019
  • PULLER — “the best fetching equipment” in the category “Toys” Pet Innovation Awards 2019
  • NanoSoft — TOP-5 in the lighting category in the Industart competition (Ukraine) 2019

Our innovations

COLLAR Company is a manufacturer that proudly talks about its products and their importance to the market.
We have found such brands:
WAUDOG is an endless assortment of bright leather, nylon, waterproof equipment that will make any pet owner happy.
PULLER is an innovative training device that upgrades the understanding between owner and dog.
LIKER is a dog ball with unique properties. Not just a ball, but something that all pets are crazy about!
Flyber is the world’s first double-sided flying saucer. Power up your dog with FLYBER!
PitchDog is a series of versatile toys for dogs of all breeds and ages. It will become your pet’s favorite toy!
AiryVest are multi-seasion and stylish clothes for your pet. The lightest dog jacket in the world. As light as it gets!
EVOLUTOR is the most durable equipment with an international lifetime warranty.
SuperCat beats odor like a superhero. The first Ukrainian wood filler for cat litter.
AquaLighter is an innovative LED lighting for all types of aquariums.
aPump is the world’s smallest and quietest aquarium air compressor series.

Our products are always of the highest quality, made and thought by professional pet experts, engineers, and specialists, and tested before reaching the pet stores.

You can buy from us:

Products for dogs
COLLAR Company manufactures world bestsellers as WAUDOG, PULLER, AiryVest, and others. All our products are developed in close cooperation with professionals: trainers, dog handlers. Products go through several stages of testing and improvement before they appear on the store shelves.
Our goal is to help pet owners take care of their pets and enjoy them.

Products for cats
COLLAR products for cats are designed to be pet-friendly as possible. The WAUDOG leashes and soft nylon equipment are designed to be comfortable and adorable to your cat’s movements. And the collars are equipped with special rubber bands, thanks to which the cat won’t be able to harm itself if it catches on something. A large selection of Smart IDs will protect you from losing your pet, and special cat bells will also help protect small animals, scaring them away with sounds when hunting.
Also, since 2003, COLLAR Company has been a developer of SuperCat, an innovative filler for cats on the Ukrainian market. SuperCat is the first clumping wood filler produced in Ukraine. The filler completely neutralizes odors, absorbs moisture, is laid out on clean sawdust after use, and is safe for people and animals. SuperCat is a well-known and beloved brand.

Aquarium products
COLLAR is an experienced designer and manufacturer of aquariums and equipment. With the help of our knowledgeable engineers and aquarists and using the latest advances in marine and freshwater aquariums, we have introduced brands such as aPUMP and AquaLighter to the market.

The world’s quietest compressor; super clear glass aquariums; innovative LED lamps; heaters and fans; aquarium sets with carefully selected equipment — each device meets the highest functional and maintenance requirements.
High manufacturability and design are the distinctive features of our products

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Our team

  • Founder and CEO COLLAR Company

    Yuriy Synytsya

    Founder and owner
  • Nikolai Synytsya

    Nikolai Synytsya

  • Yuriy Synytsya

    Yuriy Synytsya

    Director of Logistics and Quality
  • Alexander Skoropys

    Alexander Skoropys

    Production Director

And 500 more people who make your pets happy

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Key priorities

  • Modern production
    With support from the EU and EBRD, the manufacturing was the subject for LEAN production implementation. As a result of this work, productivity increased 2.5 times – while production has already abandoned 25% of the area. The staff turnover is less than 5%, and the time spent on production has decreased 40 times. But the main result is a motivated production employee who thinks fundamentally differently.
  • Reliable partnership
    According to our motto, our focus is on long-term relationships with distributors, our official representatives, and all the resellers. We appreciate the cooperation and support of our business partners.
  • Continuous development
    Our research and development department continuously generates new innovative products with competitive advantages on the international market. COLLAR Company’s R&D department provides all steps from idea to mass production.

We distribute products
to 78 countries of the world

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