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Charming canvas accessories for dogs

Charming canvas accessories for dogs

Every dog owner knows that pets love long walks. Just take a leash in your hands, and there will be no limit to the furry friend’s happiness!

Just like us, dogs need physical activity. Long walks have a positive effect on a dog’s digestive system and help maintain a normal and healthy weight. For animals, an active and mobile life is natural, rather than just lying around all day with a fluffy ball on the carpet. It is necessary to take the pet outside at least once a day and walk with them for at least 1 hour. They will undoubtedly be grateful for it!

When it comes to choosing leashes or collars, canvas accessories could be an option. Canvas is a durable fabric that withstands wear and dirt well.

What kind of accessories should you choose for joint walks with your furry friend? What are the advantages of canvas accessories? Which leash will serve best? How to choose the right collar for a dog? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

Learn more about canvas accesories

    CoLLaR: time-honored сlassic

    When we choose a new brand or product, we always want to hear a brief backstory associated with it. How did the journey of CoLLaR accessoies, spanning 27 years, begin?

    In the distant year of 1993, a 16-year-old Yuriy received a dog as a gift from his father. It was a momentous occasion for the young boy. However, there was a problem—finding a collar for his beloved pet was nearly impossible in Chernihiv at that time. In fact, there weren’t even any pet stores with pets accessories. Father and son decided to create a collar from a leather military strap.

    The resulting collar turned out to be high-quality and stylish, leaving an unforgettable impression on the local dog enthusiasts. Several friends asked for similar collars to be made. It was a gratifying experience to realize that the created products were truly helping people. It was then, on a subconscious level, that the future mission of the Company was born: “Making pets and people happy.”

    Numerous ideas and new products emerged, including the classic canvas accessories. As time went on, Yuri Yuriovych, now the owner of an innovative international COLLAR Company, along with his team, continues to bring this mission to life.

    CoLLaR canvas collar

    Сanvas collar, wholesale canvas accessories from CoLLaR.

    A collar is an accessory for every walk. When it is comfortable and reliable, the walk becomes a real pleasure, making both the dog and the owner happy! Canvas gear is timeless and unaffected by fashion trends. It is a beloved classic for those who value reliability and comfort. The strap used to make the collar is crafted from high-density canvas and stitched with reflective thread, ensuring greater safety during walks in low-light conditions. The collars have adjustable openings to accommodate the neck circumference of the animal. The size chart allows us to offer products suitable for any breed.

    Advantages of canvas collars:

    • durable material that doesn’t fade;
    • stitched with reflective thread;
    • wide range of sizes.

    This type of gear is highly sought after by dog owners, quickly selling out and bringing in good profits.

    CoLLaR canvas harness

    Wholesale canvas harness from CoLLaR.

    A harness is an excellent alternative to collars. There are breeds for which collars are not recommended as they exert excessive pressure on the neck and spine. Owners of such dogs look for alternatives to ensure the well-being of their beloved pets. The canvas harness is designed to enable a calm walk without compromising the dog’s health. This type of dog gear effectively distributes the load and is suitable for many breeds. Puppies often start with a harness as their first walking gear.

    Advantages of canvas harnesses:

    • reliable hardware;
    • high-quality material ensures a long service life;
    • evenly distributes the load;
    • practical and easy to use.

    The canvas harness from CoLLaR features a classic fastening mechanism and is stitched with reflective thread, making walks safe and comfortable at any time of the day.

    CoLLaR canvas leash

    CoLLaR canvas leash at wholesale.

    A leash is an essential accessory for walks with your canine companion. Whether you have large German shepherds, fluffy pomeranians, active huskies, or friendly labradors, they all require a leash. The leash is used to control the actions of the pet and is not only used for walks but also during training sessions with a dog handler. The width and length of this gear should be chosen based on the weight of the animal and its temperament. The larger the breed of the dog, the wider the leash should be offered to customers.

    Advantages of canvas leashes:

    • made of high-quality natural cotton tape;
    • stitched with reflective thread;
    • ability to offer various length options based on customer needs.

    Canvas leashes from CoLLaR feature a durable carabiner with a swivel mechanism that easily attaches to a harness or collar.

    How to choose the right size for the accessories?

    A walk will bring joy to both the dog and the owner if the gear is chosen correctly. While determining the length of the leash is relatively easy, how do you choose the right harness or collar? What if the choice is made for a growing puppy?

    When choosing a harness for a dog, parameters such as neck and chest girths at their widest point are taken into account. Based on these measurements, the appropriate size is selected. The width of the pets accessories indicates its strength.

    If a customer is choosing a harness for a puppy, it is important not to select an excessively large product. The main criteria, as for an adult animal, are weight and dimensions. An overly wide harness restricts the puppy’s movements, while an excessively narrow one digs into the skin, causing discomfort.

    When selecting a collar, the main parameter to consider is the neck circumference. There should be a few centimetres of free space between the gear and the animal for better fit and comfort. The collar should fit snugly around the dog’s neck to prevent it from being removed, but not too tight to restrict breathing or movement.

    Choosing pets accessories is significantly facilitated by a special table that lists standard sizes and the corresponding dog breeds. Additionally, each product has a tag indicating the optimal parameters for that particular size.

    To order wholesale canvas accessories from COLLAR Company

    Our Company offers a wide range of CoLLaR pets accessories, which is made from high-quality materials and meets all safety criteria. We understand the importance of caring for your beloved pets, so we provide products that not only ensure comfort but also aid in their development and training.

    By purchasing our products, you get quality and reliability that enhance customer satisfaction and help boost sales. With our experience and professional approach, we guarantee fast delivery and excellent service that will leave no customer indifferent.

    Become our partner today! Contact us via email at or through the online chat on our website. You can also fill out the form on the “Contacts” page if you wish to reach out to us directly.

    Together, we can provide your customers with quality and safe products while growing your business!

    Learn more about the COLLAR Company

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