WAUDOG is an endless assortment of accessories for pets and their owners. The brand’s assortment includes over 10 collections and 40 designs, including unique designs approved by NASA and Warner Bros.

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PULLER – an innovative training tool for dogs, consisting of two rings. With the help of a set of specially designed exercises with PULLER the dog gets a full physical and emotional load.

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Collars and leashes are made of an innovative COLLARTEX material, which was developed by COLLAR Company. Such pet accessories can withstand loads up to 500 kg and is easy to wash.

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The brand of stylish and comfortable pet clothing. The world’s lightest jackets, warm overalls and soft harnesses are designed for pet’s comfort and up to date outfit.

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Beloved dog toy. Extremely lightweight, soft and chewproof.

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PitchDog are universal toys for dogs and active games with them. All brand products are made of both dog’s teeth safe and floating material!

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Wooden cat litter SuperCat is a hero that fights odor. Amazing ability to adsorb odors make it almost legendary. SuperCat litter is entirely made from organic and natural materials. The pinewood base of SuperCat is an excellent natural anticeptic. It is a choice for each and everyone and a great solution even for the most demanding users.

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AquaLighter is a brand of innovative products for professional and novice aquarists. Each device and product of the brand is designed to be attractive in appearance and highly functional in content.

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Flyber — the first double-sided flying disk for dogs and their owners! Due to a combination of great size, unique shape and durable material, it is excellent for playing with dogs of a variety of breeds and sizes. Even dogs that have not previously shown interest in playing with flying disks cannot resist Flyber.

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The brand of pet accessories, proven over the years. Products manufactured of genuine belt leather and wear-resistant canvas in a classic style won the hearts of our customers and partners. Due to reliable materials and metal hardware, the pet accessories of this brand will last for a long time. That is why, for almost a quarter of a century, the design of products has remained unchanged. Restrained style of products are highly appreciated and loved by our customers from more than 78 countries.

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