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COLLAR Company is a manufacturer of pet products. Our range includes a wide selection of collars for dogs for different breeds. Our own research and development department in cooperation with the production provides an opportunity to regularly update the variety of collars that meet the requirements of the modern market.

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Innovative material developed by COLLAR Company. It consists of an inner reinforcing layer, bearing the main load, and an external polymer cover with a unique soft-touch texture, preventing slipping. COLLARTEX can not be damaged by water. It is easy to wash.

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Recycled cotton

New series of dog collars, leashes and harnesses from WAUDOG is a perfect combination of classic style and new technologies. Types used in this series are made from environmentally friendly recycled raw materials. Such materials are being developed specifically to fight industrial pollution of the planet. Every little thing is thought out in these products. Soft-touch ribbon with increased strength is also hypoallergenic, which means it is absolutely safe for the animal. Reflective thread inserts and smart ID tag with QR passport on the collar provide additional security. Stylish mélange colors make products attractive.

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Premium leather

WAUDOG products are made from quality genuine leather, decorated with colorful wear-resistant pattern. Due to bright and attractive patterns, these products simply can not be unnoticed. Fashionable exclusive designs will please the most demanding customers and will certainly become Best Sellers.

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Canvas is a dense material made from thick cotton yarn. Its main feature is that it is tearing and bite resistant. Products made of canvas are elastic, unpretentious in maintenance, and also have a low cost. The canvas harness is able to withstand the strong jerks of dogs and, due to its light weight and variety of models, is suitable for different breeds of pets.

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WAUDOG Nylon and DogExtreme series are made of high-quality wear-resistant nylon, with the use of durable plastic and metal hardware. The wide assortment and striking design of the new nylon series allows you to create an attractive display at the point of sale and attract the widest possible range of buyers. Advantages: ● High quality wear resistant nylon ● Durable hardware ● Fastex with a lock

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Belt leather

Belt leather is dense natural leather, but at the same time flexible and smooth to the touch. The belt leather pet accessory has increased strength and durability, is able to withstand heavy loads and practically does not stretch. Such accessories look solid and do not lose their preventability over time.

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Stylish and bright pet accessories and clothes for pets, as well as various pet equipment that are designed to help pet parents not only take care of their pets with comfort, but also to feel the pleasure of using beautiful things.


COLLAR Company presents a breakthrough product that will change your view about collars and leashes for dogs EVOLUTOR — THE MOST DURABLE COLLARS & LEASHES with Global Lifetime Warranty!* EVOLUTOR — innovation in every detail!


Pet accessories, proven over the years. Products made from genuine belt leather and wear-resistant canvas in a classic style will appeal to those who prefer a discreet style and appreciate high quality. Thanks to reliable materials and metal hardware, the equipment of this brand will last for a long time.

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A collar is a must-have part of pets’ daily equipment. People buy collars firsthand once they get dogs or cats. Collars will always be in high demand, and purchasing pet collars at wholesale prices is a wise business investment.

Dog collars wholesale

The COLLAR Company is a manufacturer of pet supplies. In our store, you can find a wide range of collars for dogs of various breeds. Every month we release several new products and update our catalog with hundreds of different collars variations.

We create collars to suit different dogs — depending on their size, coat type, and application purposes. In manufacturing, we work with high-quality leather, nylon, tarpaulin, eco-friendly and water-repellent fabrics.

Apart from the variety of materials, the buyer can choose between various types, colors, patterns, or kinds of fittings.

We certify the quality of our products and offer you to buy collars in bulk with a direct guarantee from the manufacturer.

Сat collars wholesale

Cat collars are another top-requested product among pet parents. Making collars for small dogs and cats is a unified process in our company, as we don’t classify collars into either cat or dog ones. Our quality standards and attention to detail remain the same both for dog and cat collars. Cat collars at wholesale prices are a profitable investment in the development of your pet store. By expanding your audience, you will be able to offer a wide selection of bright and high-quality products to dog and cat parents.

How to purchase collars wholesale

It’s not a rocket science. Here are three easy steps how to become our wholesale partner and join a wholesale cooperation:

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To place an order and purchase our high-quality wholesale pet accessories, please fill out an application for cooperation on the contact page of our website. After that, our sales manager will contact you to discuss both order and delivery details. We work side-by-side with more than 78 countries. Moreover, we are open to expanding the geography of our representation. We have a developed system of logistics to different parts of the world.

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