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AquaLighter is a brand of innovative products for professional and novice aquarists. Each device and product of the brand is designed to be attractive in appearance and highly functional in content.

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Why AquaLighter?

  • Innovative


    All developed products are implementing current aquaristics technology trends with the using of cutting-edge technologies.

  • High quality products

    High quality products

    The manufacturer provides a direct warranty for 2 years

  • Stylish minimalistic design

    Stylish minimalistic design

    Unique minimalistic design, which highlight the aquascape beauty and fits perfectly into any interior.

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Frequently asked questions

 Is there a manufacturer’s warranty on AquaLighter products?

COLLAR provides a direct warranty for 2 years. The warranty covers damage caused by the fault of the manufacturer, i.e., material defects, etc.

The warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse of the product or off-label uses.

How to activate the warranty for AquaLighter products?

After purchasing the product,  you need to scan a special QR code (in the instructions for the product), follow the provided link and fill in a special form.

What are the advantages of beveled aquarium edges?

The beveled aquarium edges have such advantages:

  • Helps to easily maintain the proper water level in the aquarium – it is impossible to pour more than necessary;
  • Prevent the aquarium front wall from being cleaned of plaque that forms over time;
  • Make the aquarium more attractive.

What is the concept of the aFARM aquaponic kit?

The Aquaponics Set is an aquarium set which represents an entire ecosystem, reflecting the connection between the different parts of nature: fish feed plants, which in turn purify water for them.

This set allows you to take care of a freshwater aquarium and simultaneously cultivate water-loving ornamental plants. Fish and other inhabitants produce waste products in the aquarium. Through the filter, the water flows into the tray with soil and plants. The plants receive nutrients and, additionally, purified water returns to the aquarium.

Can I be sure that I will receive a whole and undamaged glass product after transportation?

We ship all AquaLighter products in special protect packaging. It protects products from mechanical damage during transportation.

Does condensation under the AquaLighter Lid affect the built-in LEDs?

Due to the special design of the AquaLighter Lid, the evaporated moisture gets back into the aquarium without touching its walls. The cover is equipped with energy efficient SAMSUNG LEDs, which have a IP67 protection rate. Therefore, condensation under the cover doesn’t harm the LEDs.

How often do I need to change the battery in the AquaLighter Slim?

The batteries in the Slim remote control need to be changed no more regularly than in a quartz watch.

One battery will last for several years, and you don’t need any additional tools for replacement. The batteries of CR2025 type are low-priced and have long term working duration time.

The light can also work without a remote control. When the light plugged in, it will operate at maximum brightness. 

What should I do if the AquaLighter Slim falls into the water?

The AquaLighter Slim isn’t designed for underwater work. However, the electrical components in the product are protected from direct exposure to moisture. If the lamp has fallen into the aquarium, you should unplug it and dry it out. After that, it can be used again.


COLLAR is an innovative company that produces pet products. Our Company has been represented on the market for over 28 years and offers a wide range of pet accessories and pet supplies for every pet. AquaLighter is a COLLAR Company’s brand of innovative products for marine and freshwater aquarium husbandry. Pet parents from more than 78 countries of the world highly appreciated our products for their outstanding quality.

Learn more about COLLAR Company

COLLAR is a manufacturer of innovative pet products. We are trying our best in creating unique brands and products. Our brand of innovative products for marine and freshwater aquarium husbandry is not an exception.

More about brand and collaborations

AquaLighter is one of the most innovative COLLAR Company’s brands. We have won a good deal of awards in Spain, Russia, and China. Moreover, we have patented our own world-class, cutting-edge developments. For example, an aquarium air pump aPUMP is a series of the smallest and the most silent aquarium compressors in the world. Furthermore, we participated in exhibitions that took place in Ukraine, China, and Germany.

AquaLighter has both worldwide recognition and popularity. In addition,  the high quality is confirmed by the great demand and love of customers. Furthermore, we provide a direct warranty for 2 years. This means that your customers will be able to contact us directly with any questions about our products and won’t cause additional problems for you.

You can buy equipment and supplies, aquarium fouling protection products and Aqualighter LED lamps at wholesale in the personal wholesale customer account.

Variety of assortment

The AquaLighter’s product line includes many products. They are aquariums, aquarium sets, equipment, lamps, and lightning.

Aquariums are available in the most popular sizes up to 66 liters. They are made of ultra-transparent OptiWhite glass, and even more affordable aquarium solutions, such as quality window glass, are also presented. Aquarium sets include aquariums and various types of equipment. A great set for starting your fishkeeping hobby. Equipment and supplies that provide water saturation with oxygen, heating and cooling to the desired temperature, water filtration, and cleaning of the tank walls,  are also available in the product line.

The lamps and lighting product category has the widest assortment (range of products). More than 20 unique types of LED lamps with different sizes and color temperature purposes are created for high-quality aquarium lighting.

You can consult on purchasing and maintenance of AquaLighter aquarium lamps and lightning for marine and freshwater aquariums at wholesale.

How to buy AquaLighter wholesale ?

It’s not a rocket science. Here are three easy steps how to buy AquaLighter aquarium LED lamps at wholesale and other brand products:

  1. Click the «Become a partner» button
  2.  Fill out the form
  3. Press the “Send” button, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our sales manager will contact you to discuss both order and delivery details. We work side-by-side with more than 78 countries. Moreover, we are open to expanding the geography of our representation. We have a developed system of logistics to different parts of the world. We try to find an individual approach to each customer and provide the best delivery conditions. Your personal manager, who will process your order after it is placed, will tell you everything about the ways of delivery to your country.

COLLAR Company wants to turn all our wholesale clients into our partners. Therefore, we offer full information support to our clients. Become our partner and buy our products wholesale at the best prices!

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