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Beloved dog’s toys!

PitchDog brand toys are universal toys for dogs and active games with them. All brand products are made of both dog’s teeth safe and floating material! 

Brand’s assortment consists of 4 different types of pet toys for dogs of any breeds and sizes.

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Why PitchDog?

  • Universal


    Our brand’s pet toys suits for dogs of various breeds and sizes

  • Safe


    Toys do not contain toxic substances and do not harm the pets’ teeth

  • Unique


    Made from a unique porous material, which is both durable and soft

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Frequently asked questions

What are PitchDog dog toys made of?

All brand’s dog toys are made of a composite polymer.

Is the Sportball empty or solid inside?

The entire Sportball  is made of a composite polymer material and is solidly molded inside.

Can PitchDog dog toys hurt my dog’s teeth?

 Dog toys of ours are made of an innovative soft and durable material, so they are absolutely safe for your dog’s teeth and gums.

Are PitchDog dog toys suitable for swimming?

Dog toys are made of composite polymer, which is lightweight. They are only 1/4 immersed in water, and their bright colors make them easy to notice. The dog can easily find the dog toy, pick it up and return to shore.

The dog bit the PitchDog dog toy on the first try (on the first bite), is it broken?

Our dog toys are made of soft composite polymer. Dogs like to immerse their teeth into them, this process leaves marks on the dog toys, but they don’t affect the properties and functionality of dog toys.

PitchDog – beloved dog’s toys!

COLLAR Company is a pet products’ manufacturer, which has been represented on the market for over 28 years and offers a wide range of products for pets. Our products win prestigious awards all over the world. Due to our PitchDog and Flyber products, we are we working side by side with 78 countries of the world. Pet parents highly appreciated high quality and durableness of our products. As we want to improve ourselves, we take all opinions into account. That is why, we are trying to do our best to reach for the sky and satisfy all needs of our customers. COLLAR Company is a manufacturer of dog toys. Learn more about our brand and buy it wholesale from the manufacturer.

More about brand

PitchDog are universal toys for dogs and active games with them. What is more important, they are beloved dog’s toys! Brand’s toys are made of lightweight, but durable and dog-safe material at the same time. They are made of a special, innovative soft material in which dogs like to immerse their teeth. It is a perfect motivation for your dog to catch up with a flying object on the go.

Our innovative material for pet toys is absolutely safe for your dog’s teeth and gums. When the dog’s teeth sink into the material, the pet gets a pleasure and teeth remain intact and healthy! Furthermore, by getting inside the ball, the dog’s teeth are getting cleaned. It’s happen due to composite polymer, which is used in pet toys manufacturing process by COLLAR Company. This innovative material is odorless and free of harmful substances.

Over and above, our dog toys  are floaty and don’t sink in water. It is only 1/4 immersed in water, and its bright color makes it easy to notice. The dog can easily find it, pick it up and return to shore. It helps to vary summer water games, or it can be used while teaching dogs to swim.

You can  buy PitchDog toys wholesale in Ukraine from COLLAR Company at the best prices are available in our b2b online store!

Huge variety of  dog toys assortment 

PitchDog product line has a huge varioty of different dog toys for any taste. There are: a ring, a sportball, a flying disk, and a barbell. All product categories are available in four colors and are designed for everyday active games and trainings.

The ring is available in three sizes for different dogs’breeds: 17 cm, 20 cm and 28 cm. Other types of brand’s dog toys are available only in one size:

  • sportball – 15×9 cm,
  • disk – 24 cm
  • barbell – 19×7 cm

Furthermore, all toys have bright colors: blue, light green, pink and orange, which are visible in both snow and grass. These colors will easily attracts your customers’ attention. Besides, with this range of toys in your store, you can always find the perfect offer for pet parents of both large and small breeds of dogs.

Dogs can play with our toys for a whole year, which means that the demand for such products holds up most of the year, so you will make a regular profit from their sales.

Also, in our assortment, you can also find training equipment for dog toys. All our trading equipment is made of reliable materials, has a sturdy construction and bright design. Each model is carefully designed in accordance with modern merchandising standards and key rules of displaying.

Our trading equipment helps you to improve your interior and establish active sales.


How to buy PitchDog wholesale ? 

It is not a rocket science. Here are three easy steps to buy PitchDog dog toys wholesale on our website:

  1. Click the «Become a partner» button
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Press the “Send” button, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You can check the conditions with your personal manager, who will be assigned to you after registration in the personal account of the wholesale customer on the website

We work side-by-side with more than 78 countries. Apart from this, we are open to expanding the geography of our representation. We have a developed system of logistics to different parts of the world. We try to find an individual approach to each customer and provide the best delivery conditions. Your personal manager, who will process your order after it is placed, will tell you everything about the ways of delivery to your country.

COLLAR Company wants to turn all our wholesale clients into our partners. Therefore, we offer full information support to our clients. Become our partner and buy our products wholesale at the best prices from the manufacturer!

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