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WAUDOG is an endless assortment of accessories for pets and their owners. The products are made of genuine leather, wear-resistant nylon and waterproof COLLARTEX material. WAUDOG products will make any pet, and its parent happy. The brand’s assortment includes over 10 collections and 40 designs, including unique designs approved by NASA and Warner Bros.

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COLLAR Company is the manufacturer
of the WAUDOG brand

COLLAR Company is a manufacturer of innovative pet products with an exciting history. Since 1995, we have been producing products that are represented in more than 78 countries around the world. Our own R&D department creates global innovations and develops products that meet the needs of customers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the step by step registration of the WAUDOG Smart ID QR pet tags?

The QR code on the WAUDOG Smart ID is active only after registration on You need to:

  1. Read the instructions, download the application, scan the address tag, and activate it.
  2. Fill in the data in the pet’s passport: photo, breed, name, parameters, special features, owner’s contacts.
  3. When someone meets your pet and scans the tag, he/she will see all the data about the pet, including the owner’s phone number. And you will receive an e-mail with the geolocation where the QR code scan has occurred.

How long do the light-accumulating pet accessories from the WAUDOG Waterproof series last?

The WAUDOG Waterproof light-accumulating products can glow for 60 minutes.

The material is charged as long as it is exposed to a directional light source – a lamp, sunlight, etc. As soon as such charging stops, the moment begins either discharging or maintaining the level of captured light due to the general illumination in the room or outdoors.

In conditions of complete darkness, the glowing period is 60 minutes, while the glow intensity gradually decreases.

Are WAUDOG Nylon muzzles medical?

The nylon muzzle WAUDOG Nylon is designed to fasten the dog’s mouth during training, walking, going to the vet, or in other situations. In it, the pet can breathe and drink easily.

Is the WAUDOG Glamour collection made of genuine leather?

The WAUDOG Glamor pet accessories is made of high-quality genuine leather.

What is the difference between plastic and metal fastex?

The WAUDOG Nylon pet accessories has two types of plastic fastex and one type of metal fastex:

  • – Plastic fastex without a lock – they are lightweight, so they are used in models for cats, puppies, and small breeds of pets.
  • – Plastic fastex with a lock – have a special locking mechanism to prevent unintentional opening of the collar. 
  • – The metal cobra fastener is a reliable fastex, the main advantage of which is that it allows you to quickly put on and take off the collar. 


Metal fastexs are quicker and easier to fasten, and they are considered to be more reliable because they are made of metal.

Plastic fastexes are less cost and lightweight and are used in products for cats and miniature breeds where lightweight accessories are required.

Eco-leather material in the WAUDOG Eco collection is the same as PU (polyurethane leather) leather?

Eco-leather is an artificial “breathable” material that is considered to be analogous to genuine leather and looks very similar to it. It is made by applying a layer of polymer to 100% cotton, on which a characteristic embossing is made. The main advantage of eco-leather is that animals don’t suffer during its production.

Some people confuse eco-leather with PU leather. PU leather is made with thethe applying of a nitrocellulose – a less wear-resistant material, moreover, deprived of the ability to pass air. Unlike eco-leather, PU leather is a less durable, it has a rough material that is not intended for active wear, and it also has harsh and pungent smell.

Are there any pet accessories that glows in the dark?


The WAUDOG trademark includes pet accessories with reflective and light-accumulating elements that glow in the dark. You can find them in the Nylon, Glamour, Re-cotton and Waterproof WAUDOG series.


WAUDOG has become a real revolution in the pet accessories and equipment market. It started a trend to use of bright designer drawings in pet products. Attitudes towards pet accessories have changed and attention has been paid not only to the quality and convenience, but also to the appearance of products.

COLLAR Company is a manufacturer of pet products that has been present on the market for over 25 years. One of our main brands is WAUDOG – stylish and bright pet equipment and accessories for dogs and cats, which has managed to win the hearts of people in more than 78 countries.

In 2020, the brand collaborated with two world-renowned companies: NASA and Warner Bros. Now NASA symbols and DC Comics heroes are present in unique and exclusive designs on the brand’s pet equipment and accessories and accessories. Also in 2020, the round retractable leash WAUDOG has won the international competition PET worldwide – Products of the Year 2020 | 2021. You can buy products that have gained worldwide recognition from WAUDOG design in bulk in the COLLAR online store at a good price from the manufacturer.

Variety of WAUDOG assortment

WAUDOG – consists of 15 series, each of which differs in properties and characteristics. These include: collars, leashes, muzzles, harnesses, headbands, tape measures, pets clothing and accessories for their parents. Modern, durable materials are used in the manufacture of products: nylon, leather, tarpaulin, eco-material restored cotton, water-repellent and innovative COLLARTEX, plastic and metal with additional elements.

Terms of purchase WAUDOG wholesale

You can view offers for buying clothes, pet equipments, leashes from COLLAR WAUDOG in bulk in three ways: by downloading our catalog, on the website and in the personal account for wholesale orders.

It’s not a rocket science. Here are three easy steps how to become our wholesale partner and join a wholesale cooperation.

  • Click the «Become a partner» button
  • Fill out the form
  • Press the “Send” button, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

To place an order and purchase our high-quality pet supplies, please fill out an application for cooperation on the contact page of our website. After that, our sales manager will contact you to discuss both order and delivery details.

Buying WAUDOG products in bulk from the manufacturer can be made easy and quick with COLLAR. To purchase the desired goods, you need to sign up to an account of the wholesale customer or leave a request. After passing the verification, you can add the necessary products to the cart and place your wholesale order. A personal sales representative will be in touch all this time and help you resolve any issue with the order and delivery.

Buy WAUDOG for pets in bulk from the manufacturer  COLLAR Company!

CoLLAR Company wants to turn all our wholesale clients into our partners. Therefore, we offer full information support to our clients. Become our partner and buy our products wholesale at the best prices!

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