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COLLAR Company is a manufacturer of pet supplies. Our assortment includes a wide selection of collars, leashes, harnesses and muzzles for dogs of various breeds. Every month we release several new products and update our catalog, which already has hundreds of different collar variations.

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Pet accessories from our brands


WAUDOG is an endless assortment of accessories for pets and their owners. The products are made of genuine leather, wear-resistant nylon and waterproof COLLARTEX material. WAUDOG products will make any pet, and its parent happy. The brand’s assortment includes over 10 collections and 40 vivid designs, including unique designs approved by NASA and Warner Bros.


EVOLUTOR’s pet accessories are made of an innovative combined material developed by our company, which is called COLLARTEX. It consists of an inner polymeric layer and an outer rubberized anti-slip shell. Due to aviation aluminum alloy hardware and COLLARTEX material, such pet accessories can withstand loads up to 500 kg. Brand’s pet accessories are lightweight, durable, easy to use and easy to wash.


The brand of pet accessories, proven over the years. Products manufactured of genuine belt leather and wear-resistant canvas in a classic style won the hearts of our customers and partners. Due to reliable materials and metal hardware, the pet accessories of this brand will last for a long time. That is why, for almost a quarter of a century, the design of products has remained unchanged.


Soft nylon wear-resistant collars were made in minimalistic style for cats, dogs and other pets. Main advantages of DogExtreme’s products are affordable price and ease of pet accessories’ maintenance. Furthermore, nylon pet accessories do not tan in the cold weather, do not fade in the sun and do not deform under do not deform under the moisture.

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Pet accessories

COLLAR Company is the creator of over 10 of its global brands of pet products. Among them are WAUDOG, PULLER, EVOLUTOR, DogExtreme, CoLLaR, covering the needs of different types of clients.

COLLAR Company is a manufacturer of a variety of pet products. We have been on the market for over 26 years. Pet owners in over 78 countries worldwide use our products. Our brands’ high-quality and bright design solutions win the hearts of experts, ordinary customers, and their pets. It is from us that you buy accessories at the best wholesale prices.

Assortment of pet accessories

Wholesale pet accessories is presented in the COLLAR Company store with hundreds of different leashes, collars, muzzles, and harnesses. Every month we produce new products, launch product assortment lines and update the catalog. Improving materials, increasing the size of the grid, and creating new catchy designs are indispensable parts of our development as an international company. Our motto — Innovation only — sets the mood and a clear development direction.

Wholesale dog accessories

Dog accessories are represented in our wholesale store by four brands of our design. WAUDOG, which has won the love and recognition of pet owners worldwide, is represented by a wide range of over 15 series. WAUDOG stands for reliability, quality, and modern design. The launch of this particular brand on the market made a real revolution. It showed that collars and harnesses could be durable, voguish, and bright. This brand’s accessory has become a part of the lifestyle for people who prefer convenience and beauty. The products are made of leather, nylon, eco-friendly, and water-repellent materials.

EVOLUTOR is an innovative brand of heavy-duty leashes and collars that can withstand loads up to 500 kg. EVOLUTOR is redefining the dog owner’s perception of durable, high-quality harnesses. The leashes and collars are made with a durable reinforcing material, and the hardware is made of aviation aluminum alloy. We made EVOLUTOR intending to create the most durable harness on the market. We are proud of our achievement: we give a global direct lifetime warranty and replace every damaged leash for free.

DogExtreme and CoLLaR pet accesories are more affordable and well high-quality products. DogExtreme is represented by leashes, harnesses, muzzles, and collars. Designed with highly durable nylon and supplemented with reflective thread. CoLLaR, in turn, is represented by the same types of pet accessories, but is made of high-quality natural belt leather and durable canvas. The trademark has been on the market for over 26 years. Isn’t this the primary confirmation of its quality?

Wholesale cat accessories

Accessories for cats are presented in our store with an assortment of collars, leashes, and harnesses from WAUDOG, DogExtreme, and CoLLaR. We manufacture the accessories with leather and nylon, which are long-lasting and comfortable for cats. The pet accessory is made in catchy designs, and all products are quality-certified.

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Our Company invites you to become a wholesale partner and increase the income of your pet store on favourable terms. Our wholesale partners get exclusive access to our manufacturer prices, which are favourable and non-sky-up. We have different types of cooperation for pet shops, veterinary clinics, retail chains, and others.

We provide free trading equipment for retail space and free marketing support in the most common types of banners and content files in .XLSX and .XML formats for uploading to the CMS of retail sites.
It’s not a rocket science. Here are three easy steps how to become our wholesale partner and join a wholesale cooperation:

You need to follow a few simple steps to cooperate with us:

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To place an order and purchase our high-quality wholesale pet accessories, please fill out an application for cooperation on the contact page of our website. After that, our sales manager will contact you to discuss both order and delivery details. We work side-by-side with more than 78 countries. Moreover, we are open to expanding the geography of our representation. We have a developed system of logistics to different parts of the world.

We try to find an individual approach to each customer and provide the best delivery conditions. Your personal manager, who will process your order after it is placed, will tell you everything about the ways of delivery to your country.

COLLAR Company wants to turn all our wholesale clients into our partners. Therefore, we offer full information support to our clients. Become our partner and buy our products wholesale at the best prices.

Buy leashes, muzzles, collars, and harnesses for dogs and cats wholesale at competitive manufacturer prices!

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