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COLLAR Company is a manufacturer of pet products. Our range includes a wide selection of muzzles for dogs of different breeds. Our own research and development department in cooperation with the production provides an opportunity to regularly update the variety of muzzles that meet the requirements of the modern market.

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DogExtreme accessories are made of high-quality wear-resistant nylon, with the use of durable plastic and metal hardware. The wide assortment and striking design of the new nylon series allows you to create an attractive display at the point of sale and attract the widest possible range of buyers.

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A modern type of fabric used to make pet apparel and muzzles that protect against moisture and wind. Softshell allows air to pass through it easily, but at the same time, this material retains heat well. Products made of softshell are elastic, do not hamper pet’s movement, and easy to clean from dirt.

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Belt leather

Belt leather is dense natural leather, but at the same time flexible and smooth to the touch. The belt leather pet accessory has increased strength and durability, is able to withstand heavy loads and practically does not stretch. Such accessories look solid and do not lose their preventability over time.

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Stylish and bright pet accessories and clothes for pets, as well as various pet accessories that are designed to help pet parents not only take care of their pets with comfort, but also to feel the pleasure of using beautiful things.


Pet accessories, proven over the years. Products made from genuine belt leather and wear-resistant canvas in a classic style will appeal to those who prefer a discreet style and appreciate high quality. Thanks to reliable materials and metal fittings, the pet accessories of this brand will last for a long time.


DogExtreme products are made of soft wear-resistant nylon. Minimalistic style of our brand suits well for dogs, cats and other small pets. Main advantages of DogExtreme’s products are affordable price and ease of pet accessories’ maintenance. Moreover, nylon pet accessories do not tan in the cold weather, do not fade in the sun and do not deform under do not deform under the moisture.

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COLLAR Company has been a manufacturer of pet products for over 25 years. We started as a small family business and have evolved into a production facility with ground-breaking equipment and a staff of more than 500 workers. Our experienced technologists constantly expand and improve our products’ range, quality, and design. As a manufacturer, we offer the best conditions for buying dog muzzles in bulk.

Dog muzzles at wholesale prices

A muzzle is part of the basic pet accessories for dogs, recommended for every pet parent. These accessories are a must-have for large or aggressive breeds. They are useful for medium or small dogs that often go out for walkies to public places or tend to pick something up from the ground. Thus, muzzles have become a popular and much-needed part of dog equipment. We find the offer to buy muzzles in bulk beneficial for the pet business.

We at COLLAR Company have developed several brands that include muzzles. You can purchase muzzles in bulk from the manufacturer from the WAUDOG, Dog Extreme, and CoLLaR brands. We created each brand to meet the needs of different audiences and satisfy the consumers’ needs.

Muzzles range from the manufacturer

WAUDOG offers muzzles with a striking and impressive design. These accessories are soft and elastic, and your pet won’t notice it’s wearing one. WAUDOG muzzles don’t bother your pet, even if being worn for a long time. The muzzle is made of durable, breathable, and wear-resistant material. The plastic fastex with a lock ensures the reliability and safety of the design. The model is available in four sizes and six designs and fits both large and small dog breeds.

CoLLaR muzzles have been on the market for over 25 years, which is the best quality indicator. The products are made of genuine leather and are presented in two colors. A wide range of models is designed for large breeds of dogs and features of the structure of their muzzles.

Dog Extreme muzzles are more versatile and streamlined. The size grid allows you to choose a collar for the Yorkshire Terrier and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. The range consists of four customizable models crafted from durable nylon, available in red and black.

Also, our product catalog offers veterinary muzzles for cats and dogs of small breeds wholesale.
A huge variety of muzzles assortment will help you find an individual approach for each client. A wide range of products in your store will help attract customers and pick the most suitable product for each. Our product catalog offers more details about the muzzles’ models of our brands.

Buy muzzles for dogs and cats wholesale

Buying muzzles for dogs and cats in bulk from the manufacturer can be made easy and quick with COLLAR Company. To purchase the desired goods, you need to sign up to a wholesale account of the wholesale customer or leave a request. After passing the verification, you can add the necessary products to the cart and place your bulk order in personal member area. A sales representative will be in touch all this time and help you resolve any issue with the order and delivery.

Buy muzzles for pets wholesale from the manufacturer with COLLAR Company!

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