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The lightest ever

AiryVest is an innovative brand of the world’s lightest dog apparel, designed for pets’ comfort. According to Pet Business magazine, the AiryVest brand received an award and the honourable status of “Best Product 2016” in the United States.
The brand’s product range also includes dog mats, 2-in-1 pet houses and pet carriers.

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Why AiryVest?

  • Ultralight


    Small jacket sizes have weight less than 50g

  • Reversible


    Two colors in one jacket. Each jacket has a wide variety of color combinations

  • Wide size range

    Wide size range

    The jackets come in 12 sizes that will easily fit to any breed size for a dog.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of season are AiryVest jackets designed for?

We recommend to wear jackets for temperatures between -15 ℃ and +15 ℃, but take your dog’s breed and weather into consideration.

Can AiryVest jackets be washed in a washing machine?

For brand product line series we recommend handwash only, but AiryVest One can be washed in a washing machine.

How to choose the size of the jacket for a dog with non-standard body measurements?

Foremost, you need to focus on the measurement of dogs’ chest. Above all, the comfort of the pet depends on how the apparel fits in the chest area. 

We also offer AiryVest UNI apparel  for dogs with nonstandard body measurements. Due to its construction, this jacket can stretch and increase in volume by up to 20%. 

What are the special features of AiryVest Lumi jackets?

AiryVest Lumi apparel are reversible jackets, in which one side glows in the dark. The luminous side has a special light-accumulating coating that is charged by natural and artificial light. 

What does the “universal 2 in 1” AiryVest carry bag mean?

Brand’s carrier bag suits well for transporting cat and small breed dogs. It has a removable bottom and mesh flap. If you remove these details, the carry bag can be used as a shopper. 

Are all brand’s products have a storage bag?

AiryVest, AiryVest Lumi, AiryVest UNI jackets, AiryVest beds and houses and AiryVest carry bag have a special package for storage and transportation

What material and filler is used in TM AiryVest products?

AiryVest apparel are made of polyester, which is water-repellent, wear-resistant and easy-to -care material. 

AiryVest, AiryVest Lumi and AiryVest UNI jackets are filled with artificial swan fluff, which gives them lightness. 

AiryVest One series products use altmicro filling, which keeps pets warm even in a cold weather. All materials are hypoallergenic and don’t encourage  to mold and fungus. 

Are there any specific models for male and female dogs?

All jackets of ours brand are unisex, suitable for both female and male dogs.

The lightest dog clothing in the world

COLLAR Company is an innovative manufacturer of pet products. Our Company has been represented on the market for over 26 years. AirvyVest is a brand of the lightest dog clothes in the world, which was created by our Company. This brand has both worldwide recognition and popularity among our customers from 78 countries around the world.

More about brand’s history

AirvyVest is a brand of the lightest dog clothes in the world.

All brand’s clothing is multi-seasonal and was intended to countries with mixed and cold climate. That is why our brand is well-known both in Europe and the USA among those pets, which like to walk in any weather conditions.

According to Pet Business magazine, the AiryVest brand received an award and the honorable status of “Best Product 2016” in the United States.

Variety of brand’s assortment 

AiryVest is brand of the lightest dog clothes in the world. The brand has a huge variety of assortment, which is consisted of jackets, harness, overalls, pet carriers, pet houses and dog mat.  All brand products are made from lightweight, wear-resistant and easy-to -care materials. Brand’s product series use altmicro filling, which keeps pets warm even in a cold weather. 

Our jackets are the world’s lightest dog jackets, as their weight are from 45 g (small size) to 200 g (large sizes).

When you buy AiryVest dog clothing wholesale, you are purchasing products that are guaranteed to succeed. 

Jackets of ours are bright, multiseasonal and functional. They have vivid designs, reversible constructions, attractive color combinations and an amazing ability to adjust the size using an additional buttons row. 

How to buy AiryVest wholesale 

It’s not a rocket science. Here are three easy steps how to become our wholesale partner and join a wholesale cooperation and buy AiryVest wholesale:

  • Click the «Become a partner» button
  • Fill out the form
  • Press the “Send” button, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our sales manager will contact you to discuss both order and delivery details.

We work side-by-side with more than 78 countries. Moreover, we are open to expanding the geography of our representation. We have a developed system of logistics to different parts of the world. We try to find an individual approach to each customer and provide the best delivery conditions. Your personal manager, who will process your order after it is placed, will tell you everything about the ways of delivery to your country.

CoLLAR Company wants to turn all our wholesale clients into our partners. Therefore, we offer full information support to our clients. Become our partner and buy our products wholesale at the best prices!

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