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Why WAUDOG Re-cotton?

  • Eco-friendly series

    Eco-friendly series

    Attract the attention of conscious consumption buyers segment

  • Smart sets

    Smart sets

    A set consist of smart ID tag with QR passport and collar or harness is a great opportunity to give the buyer more than he expects

  • Lifetime quality warranty on hardware

    Lifetime quality warranty on hardware

    Such warranty increases customer confidence and encourages them to make a quicker decision to buy a product.

WAUDOG Re-cotton pet accessories


WAUDOG Re-cotton is a series of pet accessories made of recycled cotton. This material is produced of eco raw materials of a repeated technological cycle and is designed to fight industrial pollution of the planet.
Each product from WAUDOG Re-cotton is equipped with lifetime quality warranty on hardware.

WAUDOG Re-cotton collar
WAUDOG Re-cotton collar

The WAUDOG Re-Cotton collar is designed to combine classic style with new technology. It is made from eco-friendly recycled materials. The collar is extremely durable. For added safety, the collar is stitched with reflective thread.

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WAUDOG Re-cotton leash
WAUDOG Re-cotton leash

The WAUDOG Re-cotton leash is a modern accessory made from eco-friendly raw recycled materials. The material is extremely hard-wearing. Safety for both pet and owner is ensured by the durable hardware and reflective thread in the leash.

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WAUDOG Re-cotton harness
WAUDOG Re-cotton harness

The WAUDOG Re-Cotton harness is the perfect eco-choice for your pet.
It is made from environmentally friendly, recycled raw materials. This new-generation material has been developed in response to the problem of industrial pollution. For added safety, the harness has reflective thread inserts and a smart ID tag with a QR passport.

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COLLAR Company is the manufacturer
of the WAUDOG Clothes

COLLAR Company is a manufacturer of innovative pet products with a deep history. Since 1995, we have been producing products that are represented in more than 78 countries around the world. Our own R&D department creates global innovations and develops products that meet the needs of customers.

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