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TOP 7 myths about pet products every pet store owner should know

Updated 15.12.2023
TOP 7 myths about pet products every pet store owner should know

With the promotion of responsible pet ownership, there is an increasing interest in proper care to ensure the comfort of pets. Pet store owners need to stay informed about the latest trends in order to effectively address customer objections or complaints and recommend the best products.

There are a lot of myths out there that can have a misleading effect on the choice and use of pet products. Let’s explore the top 7 pet product myths every pet shop owner should know.

 Myth 1: The most expensive products are always the best

Ошейник и поводок WAUDOG Design, товары

This myth can lead pet owners to overpay for products without good reason. As a result, they may return to shop for a short time, having found that the expensive items they bought failed to meet their needs. For the pet retailer, this leads to lost customer, a loss of customer trust.

The cost of a product doesn’t always reflect its quality or effectiveness. It’s important to have a good understanding of the product’s composition, its purpose, and its real benefits. Store staff should recommend products based on customer reviews and tests, rather than solely on price.

Myth 2: Dogs don’t need clothing because they have fur

There are many claims regarding the necessity of clothing for dogs, as they have fur that should protect them from the weather. However, most breeds have been artificially bred and are not adapted to changing weather conditions.

A drop in temperature can weaken a dog’s immune system, which can lead to the development of a variety of illnesses. Properly chosen seasonal clothing can protect the petfrom cold, wind, as well as dirt, which is one of the negative factors affecting a furry companion’s health.

Considered the lightest clothing in the world, the AiryVest brand by COLLAR Company has been awarded the title of “Best Product 2016” in the United States according, to the prestigious pet Business magazine. The brand’s range also includes dog apparel, vibrant reversible pads, a convenient pet carrier bag, and a cozy transforming pet house. All of these items are made from a pleasant-to-touch polyester that is easy to wash and clean.

Myth 3: All cat litters are the same

Наполнитель SuperCat для котов, древесный наполнитель.

At first glance, it might seem that all cat litters are the same, as their main function is to absorb moisture and odors. However, the market for cat litters is so diverse that each product has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Cat litters can be categorized into several types: wood-based, mineral-based, quartz-based, crystal (silica gel) based, and soy-based. Depending on the type of litter you have in your range, it’s worth getting to know all about its absorbency. First and foremost, it’s important to note that absorption can vary among different litters. Some are effective at absorbing moisture and odors, creating a comfortable environment for cats. Others may lose their absorption ability faster, leading to odor issues and contamination.

The size of the granules also matters. Given a specific weight, smaller granules have a larger absorption surface area.

For example, silica gel-based litters appear as small crystals and can retain odors for a long time. However, despite their properties, they are significantly more expensive compared to others and are not purchased as frequently.

This is why wood-based litters are the most popular, as they are often all-natural, eco-friendly, affordable, and attractive to cats However, regular wood-based litters have one drawback – sawdust, which can spread throughout the house. The solution to this issue is clumping wooden cat litter. It’s natural, eco-friendly and poses no threat to pet’s health.

One of the recognized brands for cat litter is SuperCat, offering a range of products including clumping litter.

Myth 4: Smart ID pet tag is just a fashionable accessory

Адресник WAUDOG Smart ID, адресник для домашних животных.

This myth is based on a mistaken perception of the role of a smart ID pet tag. In fact, it can be used to decorate a pet, as most tags have a bright and stylish design. However, its role is much more significant. Let’s consider a few reasons why a pet tag is important product for dogs and cats.

  • Quick identification: a pet tag helps identify the pet, especially in situations when they end up in a shelter or a veterinary clinic. This can greatly expedite the process of returning the animal to its owners.
  • Health and safety: tags can include information about the pet’s vaccinations and medical records. This can be useful during visits to the vet or in cases of urgent medical assistance.
  • Responsibility: using a pet tag reflects a responsible approach to pet care, showcasing a commitment to their well-being and safety.

If your client asks whether WAUDOG Smart ID tags are truly useful, you can tell them the story of Max, a Maine-coon cat, which occurred during a large-scale invasion. Max survived the occupation and abduction by the Russian troops and managed to escape from them to Belarus. In the Gomel region, Max was found by a local resident. Thanks to the fact that the cat had a collar with our tag, which featured a QR-code with the family’s contact details on the reverse side, the owners were able to get in touch and retrieve the cat.

You can advise your clients to download the free WAUDOG Smart ID app, available on PlayMarket and AppStore. By scanning the QR-code on the tag using the app, they can quickly create an online passport for their pet with all the essential information: a photo, name, breed, distinguishing features, vaccinations, and contact details.

In case the four-legged friend goes missing, the person who finds the pet can scan the QR-code and contact the owner via phone number or email. At the same moment, the pet owner receives a notification with geodata about the location where the code was scanned.

Myth 5: Pets don’t need toys

Оранжевый мячик LIKER для собак.

Many owners believe that pet toys are a luxury, not a necessity. However, toys are important for both physical and mental health. They help reduce stress, maintain activity levels, and stimulate intellectual development.

Playing with toys encourages physical activity in animals, helping them maintain a healthy weight, strengthen muscles, and improve coordination. It’s not uncommon for household pets to damage furniture or other items if they lack sufficient entertainment. Toys can divert their attention and bring emotional satisfaction – animals can develop an emotional connection with specific toys that become comforting objects or sources of amusement. Some toys can also serve as training aids. For instance, products like LIKER MAGNET and PULLER help train dogs for new habits or correct behavior.

Myth 6: Store equipment is always a significant expense for the owner

Торговое оборудование для зоомагазина.

This myth doesn’t account for partnership options, where a pet supplies manufacturing company provides branded point-of-sale equipment for free*. This approach is advantageous and even economically justified, as store equipment helps optimize workspace and provides convenient access to products for customers. This leads to quicker service, reduced time spent searching for items, and improved overall store organization.

Let’s consider the key advantages of store equipment offered by our Company:

  • Visual appeal: our professional equipment helps create an attractive and aesthetic atmosphere in the pet store. This encourages customers to spend more time in the store and make more purchases.
  • Advertising and visibility: store equipment can be used for effective product presentation and promotional campaigns. Visual appeal can attract customer attention and stimulate sales.
  • Storage and security: specialized equipment helps keep products in good condition and protects them from damage or theft. This can significantly reduce costs related to repairs or lost items. Most of COLLAR Company’s equipment is equipped with the “CollarLock” system.
  • Customer satisfaction: properly equipped and easily accessible products make shopping more comfortable for customers. This can positively impact their impression of the store and their relationship with it.
  • Efficient space utilization: our store equipment is well-designed and assists in effectively utilizing the limited store space.

To learn how to obtain store equipment through our free* rental program, please contact your personal manager.

Myth 7: The owner of a pet store is solely responsible for the quality of the products they sell

Курточка WAUDOG Clothes для собак с принтом Рик и Морти.

This myth can lead to misunderstandings and issues for both store owners and customers who use products from the pet store. While it’s true that the store owner does carry a certain responsibility for the quality and certification of the products sold, the manufacturer’s warranty helps address most customer complaints.

The manufacturer’s warranty is advantageous for both the seller and the end consumer. The seller is protected from risks, as all warranty cases are handled by the manufacturing company, and the end consumer knows where to turn for swift consultation, exchange, or return of the product.

Such a warranty is offered for products by COLLAR Company. If your client wants to inquire about a warranty case, they can fill out the “Warranty Case Request” form at the bottom of the Manufacturer’s Warranty page. Our quality department receives all inquiries directly and processes them in order.

Buying wholesale pet products from COLLAR Company

Our Company offers a wide range of high-quality pet products that are manufactured with top-notch materials and meet all safety criteria. We understand how important it is to care for your beloved pet, which is why we offer pet supplies that not only provide comfort but also aid in development and training.

Benefits for your business:

  • Diverse range of pet products.
  • Competitive prices that allow offering customers products in various price ranges.
  • Ukrainian production – supporting local businesses, positively impacting the sales of domestic brands.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty – advantageous for both the seller and the end consumer.
  • Retail equipment – we provide free* point-of-sale equipment for our products.
  • Brand recognition in the pet products market – our Company is a leader in the field of pet supplies.

When you purchase products from us, you get quality and reliability that enhance customer satisfaction and help increase sales. With our experience and professional approach, we guarantee fast delivery and excellent service that won’t leave any customer indifferent.

Complete the cooperation application on the “Contact” page of our website and become our partner today! Together, we can ensure your customers receive quality and safe products while boosting your business!

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